This project is based on an original idea by Sylvain Aubry and Nick Fankhauser.

This project would not have been possible without the professional and dedicated contribution from:

Katja Rembold, BOGA University of Bern, co-curator of the exhibition and the Agora project

Adrian Möhl, BOGA Univerity of Bern, Scientific and botanic consulting

Anna Thöni, BOGA Univerity of Bern, gardner

Anne-Laure Junge, BOGA Univerity of Bern, Communication and culture

Flavia Castelberg, BOGA Univerity of Bern, Communication and culture

Claudia Huber, BOGA Univerity of Bern, Teaching

Gerco Kroes, IPMB, University of Zürich, Accounting

Denise Sonney, artist, watercolours

Mathilde Millot, artist, kids design

Katina Anliker, graphist, Bureau Boulot, Bern

Marco Zwahlen, visual technic, Lettra Design, Bern

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